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to Green Soul
Tijuana Beaches

Near the sea and before your eyes, a good table with the best and exclusive products as protagonists to delight your palate, is part of what you will find here.

Within this sustainable and healthy space, flavor and harmony are combined in each of our dishes that will make you feel in paradise.

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Our World Centric brand compostable takeout food containers are made from 100% biodegradable materials, so by breaking down in the soil, it helps crops grow again. These complement a circle of zero waste, and reduce the amount of trash on the planet.

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have a healthy day!

We are 

pet friendly

At Alma Verde we love animals! Here our four-legged friends are welcome and not only that, we have an outstanding menu that will even bark with delight. 

Pets must be under the supervision of their master at all times, they must always have their collar, leash or muzzle on.


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